Fun Things To Do in Branson

The Ozarks are an extremely popular vacation destination in the summer months. It is easily accessible and a hidden gem of natural wonders in the Midwest. Many families chose to stay in Branson, MO as it offers many options for fun activities for families with members of all ages.

The three main categories of things to do in Brandon are: Live Shows, Attractions & Museums, and Outdoor Activities. With such a variety of options, there is always something fun and entertaining to enjoy, from live performances to water activities.

Live Shows

For over 50 years, Branson has been a hot-spot for live entertainment. Shows are a staple of Branson culture, and luckily, there is a wide variety of show options that appeal to all ages. Shows are run all day – morning, afternoon, and night – so it’s possible to buy tickets to a performance at any time throughout your vacation. Touring performers visit Branson, and comedy shows and classic country shows are also popular. For a schedule of upcoming shows, visit Branson’s official website.

Attractions & Museums

Branson also offers many attractions and museums that are fun for the whole family. There is a world-class theme park, dinner cruises on Table Rock Lake, and even helicopter rides for those looking to get an aerial view of the area. Museums of all kinds are also available to visit, from Wax to Natural History to Butterfly & Rainforest Adventure museums.

Because Branson attracts so many senior citizens (in addition to the countless families that spend vacation time there), there are many dental offices offering dentures and partials at a moment’s notice to tourists visiting this part of the Ozarks.

Outdoor Activities

However, Branson is probably most famous for its outdoor activities. The list of outdoor activities includes, but is not limited to, camping, canoeing, hiking, biking, spelunking, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to enjoy the beaches, resorts, campgrounds, lakes, recreational areas, and forests that Branson has to offer. It’s also a great place to take a kid fishing with fishing rods for kids.

The Missouri Ozarks is quickly becoming a tourist hot-spot. Branson, in particular, has many exciting things to do – and that is why many families are choosing this area for a family vacation.

Should I Rent a Cabin in Branson?

The Ozarks are one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Midwest. Branson is a popular family destination in this area of southwest Missouri. It features options to stay in the downtown, on the main strip, or near the lake. The popular main drag of 76 Country Boulevard is filled with plenty of diverse entertainment, including multiple theaters and an amusement park.

Branson is a great and easily accessibly place for a family vacation, as it can be reached via road trip by many neighboring states from all sides. Making a choice for accommodations can be tough. Is it best to stay in a hotel or rent a cabin?

There are many more advantages to renting a cabin in Branson MO (as opposed to going the typical hotel route). First of all, cabins are typically cheaper to rent, and can often be rented for a weekly rate that is much lower than what a hotel would charge for the same length of stay. The are often constructed by the finest roofing and construction companies in the Ozarks.

Also, a cabin allows you and your family privacy and your own space to enjoy your vacation. There is nothing worse than paying money to get away, only to be near noisy neighbors who are up to all hours of the night. A cabin can also help to save money because it allows you and your family the opportunity to prepare meals on-site. Hotels usually have limited or mini-kitchens, which forces families to eat out for every meal and adding an additional layer of expense to any vacation.

But the most important advantage of renting a cabin in Branson is the opportunity to truly be amidst and a part of the beauty in the area. Connecting with nature is a fun family activity, and by staying in a cabin, your family receives the full experience of the natural wonders that Branson and the Ozarks have to offer.

Options for cabin rentals can be found at, Branson’s official tourism site.